What others say…

 “Lisa is a terrific person and a pleasure to work with. She is enthusiastic and consistently comes up with great ideas to support and showcase artists’ work. Lisa has a great understanding of the creative process which she has gained through building her own art collection and through her friendships with many artists.”
Joanna Braithwaite, Artist


“What a brilliant evening it was last night…the way clients engaged and realised that being involved in art doesn’t have to be an intellectual and pretentious process. The detail was impeccable…A very authentic and sincere event, and the whole feeling in the room was special.”
Tim Olsen, Gallerist
NAB Private Event


“I have worked with Lisa on several high profile contemporary art events, including Art Month Sydney as well as events that explored the relationship between art and fashion, and luxury. Lisa is a connector par excellence in that regard and well placed to facilitate the needs of both audiences and clients, always with an intelligent approach and eye to maintaining sophistication. The relationships she has brokered are characterised by authenticity and respectful mutual benefit and she is excellent to work with.”

Alison Kubler, Writer and Curator


"Lisa understands our business in great detail and has worked closely with us to enhance our contemporary art brand alliance and in developing new business opportunities.  We have always received such fantastic feedback from our clients at all the events Lisa has created for us and the passion she has for the arts."
Amy Wadsworth, AON Risk Management


"I have worked with Lisa on the production of a major artist exhibition for an international luxury fashion brand. Lisa is delightful to work with, she is very professional, reliable and enthusiastic. She has a true passion for the arts and understands well the artists and big companies worlds in order to achieve beautiful events and interesting partnerships for both parties."
Leonor Jan-Humphreys,
Salvatore Ferragamo (ex Giorgio Armani)


 “Lisa is a dynamic force to be reckoned with. She is at home in any environment, has an impeccable eye, intuits clients’ needs and gets things done.”
Georgia Sholl, 10 Group